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Dissertation Abstract

Perceptions of the Principal of a Learning Organization

Nicole M. Scuderi
June 2007

The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of teachers and administrators of their principal as one who leads his school as a learning organization. The interviews of 20 teachers and 3 administrators within one school provided insight about their personal definitions of a learning organization and whether or not their school fits their constructed definitions based on their perceptions of their school as a learning organization. The study also determined how they feel the leadership of the school may or may not create a base for the school being a learning organization, specific examples of times when they feel that their school fit their definitions of a learning organization, and how the fact that they do/do not view their school as a learning organization affects their perceptions of the leadership within the school (i.e., principal and assistant principals). The prospective school was chosen because of the nature of the culture already set in place at the school. A change in leadership in recent years, as well as a clientele of 1,500 middle school-aged children, creates an environment of constant change. A question raised from this study, to be considered for additional research, is, “How does a school principal’s level of education affect his/her empathy toward his/her staff members who are striving for continuous learning?”