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Dissertation Abstract

Measurement of the Intention to Exhibit Leadership Behavior: Development of a Scale

Charles G. Sanders
February 2012

The 21st-century competitive global environment is dynamic, complex, and multicultural and necessitates a more rapid response to changes to survive (Rost, 1991). One effective approach for dealing with this is to involve employees in the various leadership processes for the organization (Pearce & Conger, 2003; Raelin, 2003). However, employees must be prepared to assume the responsibility for a more active leadership role (Raelin, 2003). The leadership role described is not the common view based on authority; rather, the required leadership is based on everyday influence processes by anyone in the organization derived from knowledge, the recognition of the need for a specific change, and the intention to influence others to accept the change idea and take implementation action. Therefore, this study proposes a scale based on the reasoned action behavioral model of Fishbein and Ajzen (2010) to determine the intentions of employees for engaging in leadership behavior so that organizations can determine how best to facilitate and enable their more active involvement in organization success.