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Dissertation Abstract


Leaders' Journeys to Recovery and Renewal: Actions and Reactions of
Leaders After the September 11th Tragedy

Wilma P. Robinson
Regent University

September 11, 2001 was a turning point in the history of terrorism viewed as a continuous major threat to world order. The present study explores the lived experiences of six leaders-three males and three females-and their journeys to renewal after the tragedy of the terrorist attacks. These leaders, participating as co-researchers in the study, answered 10 open-ended questions related to their lived experiences with the tragic events. This qualitative study focuses on what helped these leaders to move from their immediate experience of the September 11th tragedy-which included shattered security, frustration, and heightened stress-to a state of renewal beyond the routine business-as-usual attitude. In this research, participants' experiences are weaved with the author's own inner thoughts and feelings using the qualitative phenomenological approach of heuristic inquiry. Findings reveal how the leaders participating in this research moved forward by relying on their faith, family, and friends.