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Dissertation Abstract

Leadership Behavior as a Determinant of Effectiveness for Convenience Store Managers

Dean A. Porr
Regent University

This dissertation sought to extend situational leadership theory by addressing the relationship between the leadership behavior of convenience store managers and the performance of the store under their responsibility. The study investigated the relationship between 13 specific leadership behaviors and performance measured with the balanced scorecard. The leadership behaviors of store managers were assessed by surveying subordinate store employees, the store managers themselves, and their immediate supervisors. The instrument used was a modified version of the Managerial Practices Survey (MPS), an instrument developed by Yukl (2000b) that includes behaviors associated with change in addition to task-oriented and relations-oriented behaviors. Eight hypotheses, based on existing research, were presented. Five of these were supported, indicating that the behaviors of monitoring operations and performance, clarifying roles and responsibilities, external monitoring, explaining the need for change, and empowering the employee were positively correlated to store performance. Post hoc interviews were conducted with selected store managers to gain insight into how operation problems influenced the leadership practices used.