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Dissertation Abstract

An Exploratory Study of Patterns of Relationships Within
Top Management Teams and Church Performance

D. Clay Perkins
Regent University

This study investigated the question, “How do the patterns of dyadic relationships of the ministerial staff with the senior minister affect church performance?” Relationships within top management teams were operationalized as leader-member exchange of the team members with the senior leader of each church. Top management teams were compared using both the average leader-member exchange and the variance in leader-member exchange within each team. Performance was operationalized with a balanced scorecard applied to each church. Seventy-six churches in the southeast region of the United States participated in this study by completing surveys and questionnaires via US mail or Internet website. The study found that churches whose top management teams had higher average leader-member exchange scores and larger variation in scores had significant higher levels of annual growth in offerings and somewhat better results on the other aspects of the balanced scorecard. This result is different from that hypothesized from theory. Implications for theory and practice are discussed.