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Dissertation Abstract

Vision Percolation through an Organization: A Naturalistic Inquiry

Darla K.W. Pedersen
Regent University

The purpose of this study was to examine vision in one organization, specifically to determine how deeply into the organization the vision was understood. The study examined questions such as: Does vision percolate through all layers of organizational staff? What communication techniques used by the leader and organization effectively generated understanding of the vision? Does knowing the vision impact how employees view their job performance? Naturalistic inquiry served as the qualitative method of data collection and analysis employed in this study. Inquiry in the natural setting produced findings about how employees understand the vision based on length of service, position level, and Philosophy Orientation attendance. Vision percolation within the organization was indicated in that employees expressed shared meaning regarding the vision statement, described exact means of gaining understanding, and perceived that vision impacting their daily functions. Neither length of service nor position level impacted employees' understanding of the vision. However, the Philosophy Orientation training class made a significant impact.