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Dissertation Abstract

Grief in the Workplace: A Case Study on How Grief Associated With the Death of a Child Affects the Organization

Frances A. Palmer
Regent University

This study investigates how the grief of an employee associated with the death of a child affects the organization and its leaders. Grief is overlooked in the workplace, and leadership literature contains little to no research in the area of grief; therefore, previous grief research including early bereavement theory was examined. Using emotional intelligence as the leadership tool, the lived experiences of the grieving parent employees were incorporated. Social impact of the child's death including age at death and the cause of death were explored. Questionnaires, surveys, and interviews were used to gather data to determine themes for comparison with emotional intelligence competencies. Data analysis concluded that compassionate treatment of grieving employees reduces turnover and increases productivity and the general health of the organization. This study encourages leaders to practice emotional intelligence and organizations to adopt comprehensive grief programs.