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Dissertation Abstract

Are Apostles Entrepreneurs? The Need for Achievement as a Common Trait Between Entrepreneurs and Apostles in the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA)

Gwen Osborne
Regent University

Entrepreneurs' most uncontested primary leadership characteristic is a high need of achievement (nAch), also exhibited by members of the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA). Using Miner's (1997) typology, ICA apostles can be categorized as (a) Personal Achiever, (b) Expert Idea Generator, and (c) Complex Entrepreneur. The MSCS-Form T (1986) specifically designed for entrepreneurial research measures (a) Self-Achievement, (b) Feedback of Results, (c) Planning for the Future, (d) Personal Innovation, and (c) Avoiding Risks. Twenty individuals functioning as the spiritual gift of apostle and 25 non-apostle Christians completed the instrument. Understanding apostles as entrepreneurs offers the body of Christ access to entrepreneurial research providing valuable insight for leaders and organizations. Applied, the knowledge can simplify transitions and ease growing pains as well as aid in projecting developmental maps for both.