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Dissertation Abstract

Leader Actions and Behaviors That Create Hope in Followers

Joseph Okpanachi
July 2008

This research explored leader actions and behavior that create hope in followers. The study examined 16 leaders and managers from diverse organizational settings. From analysis of their responses, it was revealed that (a) positive outlook, (b) being an example, (c) providing guidance and direction, (d) listening to followers, (e) empowering followers, (f) having vision, (g) credibility, (h) stability, and (i) servicing followers are primary actions and behaviors of leaders that create hope in followers. The study further discovered that (a) maintaining one-on-one personal contact; (b) speaking and calling; (c) writing letters, e-mails, and memos; (d) using newspapers and billboards; (e) conducting committees and board meetings; (f) preaching (i.e., using Bible studies, television, counseling, praying, videos, biographies); and (g) being accessible are desirable mediums of communication these leaders used to create hope in followers. Results of the research showed specific leader actions and behavior create hope in followers.