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Dissertation Abstract

Impact of Confucian Values on Church Leaders' Leadership Styles
in the Korean Assemblies of God

Myung Seon Oh
Regent University

This study explored the impact of Confucian values on church leaders' leadership styles in the Korean Assemblies of God. The subjects were 319 pastors who have leadership positions in Y Church. All participants completed demographic items, the Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire Form XII (Stogdill, 1963) and the Chinese Value Survey (Chinese Culture Connection, 1987). The results of the study revealed that six leadership styles of representation, initiation of structure, role assumption, consideration, production emphasis, and superior orientation had a relationship to Confucian values, although the relationships were weak. Meanwhile, the other six leadership styles of demand reconciliation, tolerance of uncertainty, persuasiveness, tolerance of freedom, predictive accuracy, and integration had no relationship to Confucian values. The findings indicate that, though the Confucian values are not the determinate predictors to any specific leadership styles, there is the possibility of Confucian values affecting the variables that impact leader-follower interaction.