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Dissertation Abstract

Organizational Identity in the High Technology Corporation

David O'Brien
Regent University

This study examines a members' perception of organizational identity in a high technology corporation and answers the question of whether or not organizational identity is perceived equally at all organizational management levels. Organizational identity perception is important, because Alvesson and Berg (1992), Campbell and Nash (1990), and Schein (1992) contended that organizational identity promotes efficient organizational operation, and possesses a competitive value. This study uses survey data from the Sun Microsystems finance department regarding member's perception of organizational identity according to management level, tenure and gender. The statistical treatments consist of a confirmatory factor analysis, Cronbach's Alpha, analysis of variance and multivariate analysis of variance. This study found a statistically significant organizational identity relationship among management levels, but no statistical significance in tenure or gender. Organizational leaders can fashion specific organizational identity programs from the tenets contained in this study.