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Dissertation Abstract

An Exploratory Study of the Application and Acceptance of Servant-Leadership Theory Among Black Leaders in South Africa

Lynn Nelson
Regent University

This dissertation explores the Servant Leadership Theory in a cross-cultural context. Extending the research of K. Patterson's (2003) Servant Leadership Theory, this study explores the acceptability and applicability of the servant leadership theory among black leaders in South African organizations. The study examines black leaders in two organizational sectors, business and government, to determine if, and to what degree, do they accept the servant leadership constructs of (a) altruism, (b) empowerment, (c) humility, (d) love, (e) service, (f) trusting, and (g) vision. The study included twenty-seven black leaders throughout South Africa. Individual analysis revealed that black leaders accept the servant leadership constructs. The black leaders, however, stated that the practice of the servant leadership construct of trust is a major issue for leader and their organizations.