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Dissertation Abstract

Community Congruence in a Multicultural Environment: A Case Study of Leadership Strategies at Anaheim First Christian Church

Tamsen Murray
Regent University

Immigration is changing the face of American religious expression, especially in communities experiencing demographic shifts. Anaheim, California is one of those communities; Anaheim First Christian Church has committed itself to being a multicultural and multigenerational church that more nearly reflects the demographic composition of the community in which it is located. Four language groups share facilities--English, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese. Using David Britt's Community-Church Congruence Model of Church Growth as the theoretical framework, this case study examines efforts by leaders of Anaheim First Christian Church to create greater congruence between the congregation and its surrounding community. Particular attention is given to efforts focused on relationships. The evidence cited confirms the model by showing the importance of relationships within the congregation as a mark of congruence.