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Dissertation Abstract

The Leadership of a Law Enforcement Chaplain - Influence, Effectiveness, and Benefit to the Agency and Community: A Case Study of the Arlington Police Department, Arlington, Texas

Daniel P. Moosbrugger
Regent University

This study investigated how the leadership of a law enforcement chaplain influences and motivates law enforcement officers to view society and their jobs differently than the negativity that often surrounds their profession. Law enforcement officers consistently interact with people and their problems; they are constantly exposed to an endless string of social issues that cause a distorted view of society and misconceptions of the world around them (Conroy, 1987). A review of the literature suggests that law enforcement chaplains play a significant role in the day-to-day operations of a law enforcement agency. This study explored these avenues through a qualitative inquiry to include the perceptions of one law enforcement chaplain. The research endeavor included questions that explored leadership influence, effectiveness, and the benefits to the community through in-depth interviews with the police department's sworn officers of all ranks and positions including the executive leadership. This research endeavor revealed some paramount issues related to the police department chaplaincy; these are servant leadership, turnover reduction, saving tax dollars, and providing a positive resource for law enforcement officers.