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Dissertation Abstract

Transformational Leadership in the Office of The General Superintendent: A Pathway For Leading the Assemblies of God

Craig M. Miller
Regent University

A study to determine transformational leadership in the office of the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God was completed to complement other leadership studies. This study marks a future reference point for potential recommendations for the Assemblies of God leadership in its highest office. The avenues of historical documents, personal interviews, the writings of the various General Superintendents, other written materials in regards to the General Superintendents, and the use of the MLQ (Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire) Form 5x-short were used in the gathering, discerning, and presenting of the materials herein set forth. The conclusion for the study shows that those General Superintendents with longest tenure and growth demonstrate greater transformational leadership characteristics than those that did not experience such tenure and the same degree of growth.