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Dissertation Abstract

Leadership development in a distributed learning environment: The influence of learning preferences on satisfaction  

Daniel P. Michel
Regent University

This study was designed to show how learning preferences, as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), influence the level of satisfaction of learners who participate in leadership courses in a distributed learning environment. The subjects were taken from the 100 students in the Ph.D. program in Organizational Leadership of the Center for Leadership Studies at Regent University. The results of this study showed no significant difference in satisfaction among learners with different learning preferences in any of the research areas except one. In the Judging dimension of the MBTI, learners with a Feeling preference have a higher level of satisfaction with the content than those with a Thinking preference. The results showed none of the four MBTI dimensions had a greater effect on any of the three levels of satisfaction than the other three. The results also showed that there was no significant difference in satisfaction with distance learning programs among learners in any of three learning style models (Gregorc, Kolb, and Keirsey) studied.