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Dissertation Abstract

A Comparison of Leadership Behavior Expectations between United States Managers and Mexican Managers

Sergio G. Matviuk
Regent University

This dissertation investigated if significant differences existed between leadership behavior expectations between a group of U.S. American managers and a group of Mexican managers, and how participants' cultural dimensions were correlated with their leadership behavior expectations. This study was cross-sectional and field-based, using a survey instrument to gather data. Kouzes and Posner's (1988) Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) was used to determine the leadership behavior expectations. The Values Survey Module (VSM, Hofstede, 1994) was used to identify participants' cultural dimensions index scores. Hofstede's (1980) cultural dimensions model was used as the theoretical framework to assess U.S. American and Mexican participants' cultures. The results indicated that United States and Mexico national cultures had a significant effect on leadership behavior expectations of managers from these countries. Correlation analysis of cultural dimensions with leadership behavior expectations indicated there were no strong intercorrelations between the variables. However, there was stronger evidence of canonical correlations between these two sets of variables.