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Dissertation Abstract

An Analysis of the Relationship between Meaning in Life and Engagement to Burnout in Second and Third Tier Leaders

Anthony J. Marchese
September 2006

This dissertation explored the relationships between the presence of meaning in life and calling and engagement with work and flow activities to the three dimensions of burnout in second- and third-tier leaders within the domains of government, commerce, and education. The sample consisted of 45 individuals who were recruited from the Charleston, West Virginia area and completed surveys including the Maslach Burnout Inventory-General Survey, the Meaning in Life Questionnaire, Flow Questionnaire, and interviews. The variables for this study were assessed using correlational analyses, regression analysis, and analysis of variance. As predicted, a significant inverse relationship was found between the presence of meaning in life and the first dimension of burnout: emotional exhaustion (p < .05). This research has significant implications for individuals who wish to understand the sacred and secular components of meaning in life, calling, and engagement in the workplace.