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Dissertation Abstract

Servant Leadership Theory:
Application of the Construct of Service in the Context of Kenyan Leaders and Managers

Jeremiah Ntaloi Ole Koshal
Regent University

By extending the research of Patterson's (2003) servant leadership theory, this dissertation explores the acceptability and applicability of servant leadership theory's construct of service in the context of Kenyan leaders and managers. The study examines 25 leaders and managers from varied organizational settings. From the analysis of the responses, it emerged that (a) role modeling, (b) sacrificing for others, (c) meeting the needs of others (employees) and developing them, (d) service as a primary function of leadership, (e) recognizing and rewarding employees, (f) treating employees with respect (humility), and (g) involving others in decision making are prevalent themes reminiscent to Patterson's servant leadership theory's construct of service. Thus, the construct of service has acceptability and applicability among Kenyan leaders and managers.