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Dissertation Abstract

Minority Perspectives of Interracial Relationships in Large Multiracial Churches

David D. Ireland
Regent University

This study seeks to answer the question: According to the perspective of the minority race, what level of cohesiveness exists in cross-race relationships between Blacks and Whites within large multiracial churches led by Black versus White senior pastors? Interracial relationships in eight multiracial churches throughout the United States are explored using the Social Exchange Theory, largely developed by the contribution of four theorists: Homans (1958), Thibaut and Kelley (1959), and Blau (1964). Using the Rokeach Values Survey (RVS), an assessment of the senior pastor's values is made in order to ascertain what role, if any, does his personal values play in influencing the quality of cross-race relationships in the congregation. In answering this research query, the use of questionnaires, interviews, review of historical data, personal observation, and physical artifacts will be used to describe the organizational and community demographics, the pastor's values, and to assess the quality of cross-race relationships.