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Dissertation Abstract

Transference of Self-Efficacy Beliefs From Leaders to Followers and Its Link to Perceptions of Leaders Being Transformational

Christopher S. Howard
December 2008

This exploratory research study aimed to determine whether transference of self-efficacy beliefs exists from leaders to followers. In addition, the study sought to ascertain whether followers' self-efficacy beliefs affect their perceptions of the effectiveness of their leaders. The research looked at units within the U.S. Army stationed in Hohenfels, Germany. Data from 40 distinct units were gathered. The leaders' self-assessment of their self-efficacy beliefs was moderately linked to the levels of self-efficacy among followers. Based on the followers' self-report assessment of the effectiveness of their leaders, the study illustrated that followers' levels of self-efficacy beliefs had a significant positive correlation to them viewing their leaders' behavior as transformational or not. The findings of the study, along with possible implications, limitations, and recommendations, are offered.