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Dissertation Abstract

Enhancing Leader Credibility in Church Leadership Trainees:
Effective Mentoring Practices

Samuel S. Hemby
April 2007

Leader credibility is tremendously important in organizational contexts. This study explored effective mentoring practices leading to enhanced credibility among church leadership trainees. While research is abundant in relation to credibility in leadership and various aspects of mentoring, few studies directly address the role of mentoring in enhancing credibility within those in pre-leadership phases of development. This study initiated that inquiry by utilizing the Leadership Credibility Theory of Kouzes and Posner (1993) and Kram’s (1985) seminal work on mentoring. Credibility of leadership trainees is determined utilizing LPI© surveys. A purposeful sample was selected from among trainees meeting prescribed criteria. Credibility-enhancing mentoring practices were explored through personal interviews with the designated trainees. Implications for future research and leadership praxis are discussed.