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Dissertation Abstract

The Davidic Model of Leadership Succession: An Exegetical Study of 1 Chronicles 28.

Tejado W. Hanchell
April 2010

Leadership succession has received a great deal of attention in the literature since Grusky (1960) began to move the field forward. However, 50 years since Grusky's work, many organizations continue to fail to effectively plan for succession. This exegetical study examines the succession episode found in 1 Chronicles 28 using the tool of inner texture analysis as proffered in Robbins' (1996) sociorhetorical criticism to increase our understanding of the succession process. The analysis revealed a prescriptive succession model labeled the Davidic model of leadership succession. The model includes seven projects or activities for senior leaders: (a) assemble leaders, (b) address leaders, (c) acknowledge leadership limitations, (d) appoint successor, (e) admonish successor, (f) assist successor, and (g) affirm successor. These projects provide a framework for seven steps to a successful succession.