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Dissertation Abstract

Conflict Management Among Church of God Ministers (Cleveland, Tennessee): A Descriptive and Exploratory Report Investigating Possible Related Variables

Fred Garmon
Regent University

This research project seeks to investigate and describe conflict management behavior among Church of God ministers (Cleveland, Tennessee). It seeks to explore, observe, and document any reliable association between conflict management style and certain possible enabling variables (e.g., leadership style, size of congregation, education, age, and income). This inquiry considers the likelihood of varying choices and patterns of behavior, which may influence the management of conflict, along with the consequences of the behavior for oneself and others. The paper reviews existing literature regarding conflict management's historical development, conflict management and leadership, and finally, conflict management in religious populations. The study hypothesizes a positive correlation between certain conflict management behaviors and certain independent variables. The paper explains the methodology for gathering the data (participants, procedures, and apparatuses), and finally, presents statistical analysis of the findings, closing with a discussion concerning the implications of our study for existing theory and practice.