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Dissertation Abstract

Leadership in a Storytelling Organization: A Case Study of SACS Accreditation through the School Portfolio

H. W. "Buddy" Fisch III
Regent University

Leadership in a storytelling organization is the primary focus of this case study. However, examining the viability of the School Portfolio alternative school improvement planning process for SACS accreditation is also an important aspect of this research. Recognizing the influence of postmodernism in our contemporary world, it is contended that the practice of organizational leadership and its research require methods and analysis from an overarching postmodern perspective. This study examines leadership in a storytelling organization from this perspective. The School Portfolio, with its emphasis on organizational storytelling, serves as a context for this exploration. More specifically, it is examined within the context of one public school's (North Hall Middle in Gainesville, Georgia) effort to maintain accreditation through this means.