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Dissertation Abstract

A Correlation Analysis Among Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Teacher Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment in Low Performing New York Public High Schools

Karen Fenton-LeShore
Regent University

This study examined the probable correlation among organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), teacher job satisfaction, and organizational commitment in low performing New York City public high schools. Low performing public high schools were identified as such based on educational standards set forth in the subject areas of mathematics, English, and graduation rates by the New York City Board of Education. Participants in the study, namely teachers and principals, were asked to express perceptions of organizational citizenship behavior, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment on variable specific instruments to determine if a positive correlation exists.

The Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient (r) was used to determine if a correlative relationship existed among the variables of interest. The study found no relationship among the variables.

While the variables of this study were not found to covary, the literature does suggest some parallelisms, particularly between organizational commitment and job satisfaction; therefore, recommendations were made to re-examine this relationship by utilizing regression analysis to describe the nature of the relationship versus determining a correlation.