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Dissertation Abstract

Exploring the Antecedents of Motivation to Lead and the Affects of Collective Efficacy

Robert W. Erickson
Regent University

This confirmatory and exploratory leadership study applied individual differences (i.e., personality and socio-cultural values), leadership self-efficacy, leadership experience, collective efficacy and the motivation to lead to explore a multivariate framework of relationships between individual differences and various leadership behaviors. The research frame was a 72 person office staff and the self-reported results supported Chan's (1999) motivation to lead construct with high internal reliabilities. However, the results did not fully support Chan's leadership development and performance framework. This study also explored the situational affect of collective efficacy on motivation to lead and leadership self-efficacy. The leaders' self-reported assessment of their groups' collective efficacy was found to have no affect on the leader's motivation to lead or leadership self-efficacy. The findings, their implications, limitations and recommendations for future research are offered herein.