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Dissertation Abstract

Employees' Reaction to the Introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning System

Byron A. Ellis
Regent University

Organizations adopt enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, a software program integrating core business functions, to enhance organizational performance. However, ERP systems often run into implementation problems and thus have not lived up to all the promises suggested by advocates (K.J. Klein , Conn , & Sorra, 2001; Repenning, 2002). Implementation problems may be traceable to lack of input from employees and delegation of ERP functionality to vendors and consultants. Employees have a unique understanding of business processes that can reduce adoption costs and increase the functionality of ERP systems. Additionally, employees' commitment and involvement improve the ERP implementation process and acceptance of the system. This study investigates the impact of organizational justice, perceived organizational support, and ERP leadership during the ERP implementation process on employee involvement with, and commitment to, ERP systems.