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Dissertation Abstract

The Correlation between Person-Job Fit, Job Performance, Job Satisfaction, and Motivational Gifts in the Military ContextAsbury to a Mimetic Christological Model

Matthew P. Earnhardt
December 2011

The current study extends research of Romans 12 motivational gifts and their relationship to person-job fit, job satisfaction, and job performance in the military context. A convenience sample of 72 U.S. Air Force personnel from a base in the Rocky Mountain region measured person-job fit, job satisfaction, and job performance. Several research instruments in the study including DellaVecchio and Winston's (2004) motivational gifts instrument, Saks and Ashforth's (1997) person-job fit scale, Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) short form (D. Weiss, Dawis, England, & Lofquist, 1967), and the AF910 form (, 2009) provided results for the current research endeavor. The study answers the call of DellaVecchio and Winston, McPherson (2008), and Tomlinson and Winston (2011) for further research of motivational gifts, person-job fit, job satisfaction, and job performance and addresses a literature gap. Results of the study identified two distinct clusters among U.S. Air Force personnel and found a positive relationship with person-job fit and job satisfaction and no relationship with job performance. Several practical applications can be gleaned from the current research, especially in the area of recruitment and training.