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Dissertation Abstract

A Phenomenological Heuristic Approach to Identifying the Role of Succorance and Nurturance in Developing a Leader-Follower Upward-Spiraling Relationship to Generate an Autonomous Workforce

Douglas N. Eames
May 2010

This dissertation uses a phenomenological heuristic research approach to identify the key components within social psychological concepts (client-centered psychology, man‘s search for meaning, self-transcendence, empathy and social support, attachment theory, social cognitive theory, the self concepts, spirituality, emotional intelligence, symbolic interactionism, personality, succorance, and nurturance) combined with leadership, motivation, the essence of being human, and relationship science precepts that enable an upward-spiraling intentional leader-follower relationship. Attaining self-actualization (Maslow, 1954, 1970), autonomy, and self-transcendence (Frankl, 1990, 2000; Maslow, 1970) is based upon fulfilling succorant (unfulfilled human needs that are dependent upon another to fulfill) needs through nurturance within a communal relationship. This dissertation proposes that a communal relationship develops through a natural progression emanating from a client-centered counseling approach (Rogers, 1951) and enables a trusting upward-spiraling leader-follower relationship that leads to self-actualization, autonomy, and self-transcendence. This project proposes that workforce autonomy is a natural outcome when leaders focus on and fulfill followers‘ holistic personal needs deficits. Leadership‘s nurturance assists the follower (and vise versa) to overcome self-limiting barriers and climb through the hierarchical levels of human motivation to reach self-actualization and self-transcendence. The research proposes the development of an intentional leader-follower relationship through a holistic approach to human development is the foundation to attain workforce autonomy in view of the current state of globalization and its impact on society.