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Dissertation Abstract

Airline Safety Versus Airline Security: A Case Study in a Post 9/11 Society

Byron L. Cherry Sr.
Regent University

This study examines airline safety and airline security in the post 9/11 society. The events of September 11, 2001 dramatically illustrated the potential for terrorists to use commercial aircraft to inflict significant economic and infrastructure damage and to strike fear into the general population. The major premise of this study is to understand how perceptions changed, why they changed, and which factors caused this change in the minds of air travelers. The research population consisted of (a) the U.S. Armed Forces, (b) Department of Defense civilians, (c) contract workers in support of the federal Government, and (d) private sector employees. Information was gathered by interviews and by conducting a focus study group. Results indicate that airline security was the leading concern of air travelers, along with a lack of leadership on the part of the airline industry and the federal government and its supporting agencies. Also discussed in this study are the implications for leaders within the airline industry and the federal government, the limitations of the study, and recommendations for future research.