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Dissertation Abstract

Perceptions of an Effective Leader by Professional Traffic Operations Engineers

Reggie J. Chandra
Regent University

This study examines the perception of an effective leader by Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOE) using the Systematic Multiple Level Observation of Groups (SYMLOG) model. A causal-comparative quantitative research was conducted using nonparametric statistical methods. No statistically significant differences were present in participants' views of effective leadership as a function of public-private sectors, country, tenure, or gender. Specific areas of leadership examined, and for which differences were not revealed, were: (a) values on dominance versus values on submissiveness, (b) values on friendly behavior versus values on unfriendly behavior, and (c) values on accepting task orientation of established authority versus values on opposing task orientation of established authority. This research determined that effective leadership may be viewed as a construct independent of participant demographics. Since this investigation is the first empirical study of its kind for PTOEs, replication and additional research is recommended.