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Dissertation Abstract

Education Reform: The Impact of Class Size Reduction and Team Teaching on Reading Achievement in Norfolk Public Schools

Doreatha Perilla Blount-White
Regent University

With society assuming that public education contributes to ineffective education for a large proportion of students, imaginative leaders in cities and states across the country are implementing systemic changes in education reform. Research has shown that education reform continues to change dramatically, with emphasis placed on student achievement. Administrators as well as politicians are constantly researching education reform movements that will provide quality education to improve student achievement. Studies and literature have defined several successful education reform movements, such as Tennessee's STAR Project and Wisconsin's SAGE Project(Student Achievement Guarantee in Education). This study focuses on the Federal Class Reduction Grant Reform to increase student achievement through team-teaching in Norfolk Public Schools. The purpose of this study is to assess the effectiveness of team-teaching as an alternative to reducing class size, in order to evaluate the efficacy of team-teaching. The overall findings indicate that there is a significant statistical difference in reading achievement between grades two and three, as well as significant interaction between grades and schools in Norfolk Public Schools where classes are team taught. The study reveals that team-teachers are in favor of team-teaching and they believe team-teaching represents an effective alternative to reducing class size in Norfolk Public Schools.