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As the global environment becomes increasingly competitive, it is vital that organizations seek innovative ways of growing and improving. However, in most organizations, innovation has been unsuccessful and currently, only about 6% of CEOs are doing anything related to innovation. So, how do you initiate successful innovation within your organization? Join Drs. Bruce Winston and Gary Oster as they discuss a new paradigm for effectively developing innovation within an organization, how it works and how to find and recruit those “invisible innovators” within your organization to garner future success.

About the Speakers
As a former corporate executive in high-tech corporations, both domestic and overseas, focusing primarily on the computer, electronics and automotive industries, Dr. Gary Oster offers a wealth of practical experience in the global marketplace. His interests and expertise are found in innovation and corporate competitiveness, technology utilization, metrics and organizational effectiveness, and international leadership education.

Dr. Oster has served in senior administrative roles at William Tyndale College, as associate dean for academics in Regent’s School of Undergraduate Studies, and has taught as both a classroom and online instructor throughout his 14+ years in higher education.

For more than two decades, Dr. Winston has helped to transform organizations around the world with his innovative ideas on leadership and his candid approach to consulting and training. Drawing on his vast experience as a business owner, educator and consultant, Dr. Winston's real-world expertise includes leadership, organizational development, communication, quality improvement and marketing. Winston serves as editor of the newly released Journal of Strategic Leadership and is an author and co-author of numerous books and articles including Be a Leader for God's Sake and The Word on Management. A popular speaker in the U.S., Canada, Europe and South Africa, Winston skillfully aligns Biblical principles with marketplace application to equip leaders and followers for success.

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