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Mr. Michael Louis

Director of Strategic Initiatives, The Louis Group, South Africa



Listen now to "Leadership & Development in Education: My Passion"

Leadership & Development in Education: My Passion
Gain a unique perspective of the role of private companies in transforming the minds and lives of others as Mr. Michael Louis shares his passion for leadership and development in education. During his service in the South African Parliament in the 1990s, Mr. Louis recognized the critical demands on leadership and the huge vacuum that existed in public education. The more he developed in his political career, the more he realized that it was impossible to impose on the state to provide good education due to several factors including a lack of funds. It was then that his passion ignited with the thought that his private family business needed to somehow get involved to ensure good education for South Africans that would transform minds and ultimately, lives.

About the Speaker
A South African native, Mr. Louis has a passion to train leaders and develop better education for Africa. In light of that, he serves on the Louis Group Business Academy Board, which trains leaders in business ethics and the fundamentals of a Christian focus. Serving also as The Louis Group’s strategic initiative director, Mr. Louis sources opportunities and develops relationships with key strategic partners. The Louis Group is a family business that was established by Mr. Louis’ grandfather 93 years ago in 1914.  It focuses on property investments, finance, leisure and media. Currently, The Louis Group has 407 employees, maintains offices in London, Isle of Man, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany and Namibia, and has been nominated for numerous awards, including Top 100 Companies, Top Managers of South Africa and Top Companies to Work For. Mr. Louis has also been nominated for numerous leadership awards and has won the Harvard Team Leader Award at the JF Kennedy School for Privatization, Regulatory Reform.

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