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Dr. David Gyertson

Former Chairman, Godfather's Pizza and Ex-President/CEO of the National Restaurant Association
President, Taylor University (2000-2005), Asbury College (1993-2000), Regent University (1991-1993)
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About this Segment
"Servant leadership demands a personal commitment that goes beyond mere pragmatic application and theoretical construct. Since servant leadership runs contrary to many leadership assumptions and applications, it requires of most who pursue it an intimate exploration. Such is my experience. This presentation is a way for me to examine, connect and describe my own personal journey. Given my commitment to take the claims, life and teachings of Jesus Christ seriously, the journey is deeply spiritual. I present this personal account in the hope that you will be encouraged to chronicle and examine your own journey as you explore the theory and practice of servant leadership."

--Dr. David Gyertson

About the Speaker
Dr. David Gyertson returned to Regent University (Virginia) in July 2005 as Distinguished Professor of Leadership Formation and Renewal. In addition, he holds an appointment as Senior Fellow of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities in Washington, DC providing consultation and research services in leadership communications. Dr. Gyertson has a broad and varied background in higher education, publishing, consulting, executive coaching, ministry and media. He has held senior leadership positions in religious, charitable and business environments, including international and cross-cultural settings. To learn more about Dr. Gyertson or to invite him as a speaker to your organization follow this link >>

Next Servant Leadership Research Roundtable: July 31-August 2, 2006
The Servant Leadership Roundtable allows researchers to engage in scholarly discussion of research streams, new models, testing of existing concepts, instrument development and validation, as well as the discussion of servant leadership case studies. The roundtable's aim is to provide a venue in which scholars can serve and help one another critically evaluate and develop research frames and agendas that eventually build the research stream to maturity.

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