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Herman Cain

CEO and President, T.H.E. New Voice, Inc., Syndicated Talk Radio Show Host of "The Herman Cain Show," FOX News Business Commentator and North Star Writers Syndicated Columnist, Former Chairman, Godfather's Pizza and Ex-President/CEO of the National Restaurant Association

Listen to “Are Leaders Born?”

Are Leaders Born?
Leaders are everywhere, but what distinguishes good leaders from great leaders? In this session, Herman Cain shares his belief that great leaders instinctively focus on three critical factors of leadership. Each factor is pivotal in successfully motivating and leading others and thus, those with the natural instinct to do these three things, are born leaders.

About the Speaker
Self-made entrepreneur Herman Cain, acclaimed as a visionary leader by The Wall Street Journal and Business Week, draws on his prolific life experiences to discuss the dynamics of leadership. Mr. Cain is a recipient of the Horatio Alger Award, which honors the achievements of individuals who have succeeded in the face of adversity. One of Mr. Cain's most amazing accomplishments was turning around Godfather's Pizza, which performed poorly before he became the organization's president. Mr. Cain has served as the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and has appeared on numerous news talk shows to comment on government fiscal policy. He has written numerous newspaper articles and authored books, such as Leadership is Common Sense, Speak as a Leader, CEO of Self and They Think You're Stupid.

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