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Mark Fulton

Former Chairman, Godfather's Pizza and Ex-President/CEO of the National Restaurant Association

Listen to part two of Mark Fulton's two-part series and learn how you can live a leadership legacy that will leave a lasting imprint on your business and the lives of the people with whom you work.
Live a Leadership Legacy
Part 2/August 2006
Live a Leadership Legacy
Part 1/July 2006
About this Series
Leadership is a possession, not a position. It is not an inevitable consequence of being in charge. In fact, there are plenty of people in positions of authority - business executives, elected officials, military officers, etc. - who lack leadership. Actually, leadership is a skill that anyone can develop and employ, regardless of his or her position. You can live a leadership legacy that will leave a lasting imprint on your business and the lives of the people with whom you work by purposefully and diligently applying the four leadership characteristics discussed in this series.

About the Speaker
Mark Fulton is a leadership coach, business writer and professional
speaker with more than 30 years of professional experience in education, broadcasting, management and marketing. Mark's leadership coaching practice, Compass Leadership Coaching, works with individuals and groups, providing them a variety of training, motivational and personal development services.

Mark is a featured columnist for Inside Business, a weekly Virginia business periodical. He is a contributing author to "Leadership Defined" and "Applied Leadership," compilations of articles by prominent leadership experts. He is a member of the International Association of Coaches, a worldwide community of coaches dedicated to building, supporting and preserving the integrity of the coaching profession. Mark's background includes experience as a print journalist, marketing and training director, high school principal, television reporter, radio news director and talk show host, and English teacher.

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