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John Mulford

Founder & Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

Regent University School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship

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Kingdom Business

The movement known as "Kingdom Business" has grown exponentially in the last decade. It's exciting for Christians in business because they no longer have to see their jobs in the marketplace as diversions from their service to God. In this month's Leadership Talks, Dr. John Mulford shares his unique insight into what Kingdom Business really means, what is required to have a Kingdom Business and how leading a Kingdom Business goes beyond excellence, honesty and serving for the ultimate result of transforming people who can, in turn, transform nations.

About the Speaker

Dr. John Mulford is founder and director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Regent University and has served as director since 2004. Dr. Mulford's passion is to develop a comprehensive Christian worldview of business and equip those called to business with the tools to glorify God in their work. He has a particular interest in seeing disadvantaged groups advance through entrepreneurial activity.

Prior to the Center for Entrepreneurship, Dr. Mulford served as dean for 14 years and was a founding faculty member of the Regent University School of Business. He has also served as Regent's executive vice president of finance and operations and as chief investment officer, managing the university's endowment. Before coming to Regent, Mulford conducted policy research at the Rand Corporation and served as vice president and senior economist at First Interstate Bank of California.

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