Marc Pitman

Founder of, Director of the Foundation of Inland Hospital, Author and Presenter

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Fundraising in a Recession
Almost daily, we either hear of or personally experience fear and anxiety about the economy. Therefore, it is tempting to cut back on nonprofit fundraising. However, according to optimist and fundraising coach Marc Pitman, now is a great time to move ahead with your organization's fundraising efforts. During this Leadership Talks session, Marc will uncover the three biggest mistakes people make in response to fundraising during a recession, how to counteract those mistakes and his own personal lessons learned.

About the Speaker
Marc A. Pitman serves as the director of the Foundation of Inland Hospital and is the author of his book Ask Without Fear! and Extreme Fundraising, a free ezine. Marc is also founder of, a website dedicated to practical ideas for fundraising more effectively. Internationally recognized by such organizations as Reuters, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Chronicle of Philanthropy and the American Marketing Association as a thought leader, Marc helps individuals and organizations raise more money than they ever thought possible. His lively presentations at conferences and fundraising seminars get him invited to speak at organizations such as Blackbaud’s Conferences for Nonprofits, Habitat for Humanity International and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Marc's Creating Donor Evangelists audio program and other tools to help organizations excel at raising money are available in the Fundraising Coach Store at

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