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Dr. Kathleen Patterson

Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies
Regent University School of Leadership Studies

Listen now to "Servant Leadership and the Power of Service"

About this Segment
Servant leadership is as old as time, and yet a conceptual definition seems to be somewhat elusive, until now. Dr. Patterson addresses servant leadership as a virtuous leadership perspective by explaining the seven components of servant leadership, which are love, humility, altruism, trust, vision, empowerment and service.

About the Speaker
Dr. Kathleen Patterson has been a part of Regent University's School of Leadership Studies since 1999 as a student, graduate assistant, Ph.D. fellow and now an assistant professor. Her research interests include servant leadership, telecommuting and organizational communication. Dr. Patterson also heads up the yearly Servant Leadership Research Roundtable hosted by Regent University's School of Leadership Studies.

Next Servant Leadership Research Roundtable: July 31-August 2, 2006
The Servant Leadership Roundtable allows researchers to engage in scholarly discussion of research streams, new models, testing of existing concepts, instrument development and validation, as well as the discussion of servant leadership case studies. The roundtable's aim is to provide a venue in which scholars can serve and help one another critically evaluate and develop research frames and agendas that eventually build the research stream to maturity.

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