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Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership: Human Resource Development Concentration — Pre 2013

Designed to advance the field of Human Resource Development (HRD), this concentration focuses on theory, individual and organizational learning processes as well as the various ethics and dynamics that contribute to the positive development of an organization's human resources. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach rooted in a Christian perspective, students acquire a breadth of knowledge across the field of HRD and pursue in-depth research in areas of paramount concern.

The Human Resource Development concentration uses an educational model that incorporates interaction with an instructor and other students.

Human Resource Development Concentration-Specific Outcomes

As a Ph.D. student enrolled in the Human Resource Development concentration, you will demonstrate a doctoral-level understanding of:

  • Fundamental group and organizational theories
  • Individual and collective avenues of organizational citizens
  • Pertinent considerations related to group and organizational theories from an HRD perspective

Regent University Student Spotlight

online Ph.D. degree program


Tom Norbutus, Ph.D. Student
Military Analyst, SpecTal Corporation


"I was particularly impressed with the highly organized online Ph.D. program. The faculty is second to none when it comes to intelligence, teaching ability, compassion and the desire to work with students."