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Online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership: Ecclesial Leadership Concentration — Pre 2013

Designed to advance the academic study of organizational leadership in ecclesial contexts, the Ecclesial Leadership concentration explores the past, present and future of organizational leadership in ecclesial contexts. Our multi-disciplinary study combines the fields of leadership studies, organizational research, exegetical analysis, philosophy, theology, sociology, historical criticism and futures studies. Even though this concentration includes the historic disciplines of theology, the focus remains on the unique and particular contexts that ecclesial leadership and organizations face. As well as being challenged personally and professionally, students will be prepared to teach organizational leadership and, in particular, ecclesial leadership and organizational design at the university level, or conduct research in association with ecclesial groups, seminaries, nonprofits and mission groups.

The Ecclesial Leadership concentration uses an educational model that incorporates interaction with an instructor and other students.

Ecclesial Leadership Concentration-Specific Outcomes

As a Ph.D. student enrolled in the Ecclesial Leadership concentration, you will:

  • Conduct and report research on ecclesial leadership and organizational contexts.
  • Demonstrate a doctoral understanding of historic, present and emerging models, and approaches of ecclesial leadership.
  • Design curricula for the furtherance of ecclesial leadership education.

Regent University Student Spotlight

Theology Doctoral Degree Program


Russell L. Huizing, Ph.D. Student
Senior Pastor, Pleasantview Alliance Church


"The Ecclesial Leadership program has certainly challenged me to hone my leadership skills and has provided me the opportunity to learn from effective Christian leaders from across church history."