2014 Virtual Conference on Moral Leadership:
Day 6

Welcome to the sixth day of the 2014 Virtual Conference on Moral Leadership! Today, we invite you to listen to Dr. Mike Mahan as he presents, "The Potential Effects of Narcissistic Leaders on Organizational Climate."

The Potential Effects of Narcissistic Leaders on Organizational Climate


Dr. Mike Mahan

Mike Mahan, Ph.D., a leadership consultant with more than two decades of experience in training and development in non-profit settings, is highly skilled at developing and advising emerging leaders. He is recognized for his expertise in subject matters surrounding organizational leadership, especially organizational culture and climate, organizational communication, worker motivation and leader development. Dr. Mahan works with organizations of all types including for-profit, religious, educational, and nonprofits to assist their development in these primary areas that lead to effectiveness and impact. Mike is a MBTI Certified Practitioner – specializing in Type dynamics and carries the M.E.T.T. (Facial Expression Training) Expert Level Certification, which allow him to bring a unique perspective into organizations. As a practitioner, professor, and pastor, Dr. Mahan understands the reality of the nonprofit organization, as well as the organizational context that surrounds it.

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