2014 Virtual Conference on Moral Leadership:
Day 1

Welcome to the first day of the 2014 Virtual Conference on Moral Leadership! We are excited about this year's theme, "Narcissism & Toxic Leadership." Leadership researchers and scholars, with increasing frequency, warn against the devastating and debilitating effects of narcissism in organizational leadership. Michael Macoby, in a 2000 edition of the Harvard Business Review, commented on this growing trend: "...today's business leaders maintain a markedly higher profile than did their predecessors of previous generations. A growing need for visionary and charismatic leadership has brought to the fore executives of a personality type psychologists call 'narcissistic'." At this year's Moral Leadership Conference, we will focus on the nature, operation, and dangers associated with narcissism in organizational leadership.

Today, we invite you to listen to Dr. Corné Bekker as he presents, "The Virtues of Justice and Prudence as Counter Measures for Narcissistic Leadership in the Birth Narratives of the Gospel of Matthew."

The Virtues of Justice and Prudence as Counter Measures for Narcissistic Leadership in the Birth Narratives of the Gospel of Matthew


Dr. Corné Bekker

Dr. Corné Bekker joined Regent University in 2005. He previously served as the associate dean for academics of Rhema Bible College in Johannesburg, South Africa and now as professor of biblical and ecclesial leadership for the School of Business & Leadership. Dr. Bekker leads the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Ecclesial Leadership concentration, teaches in the doctoral programs of the School of Business & Leadership and is actively involved in research on the use of biblical hermeneutics and spirituality to explore leadership. He is the editor of the Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership (JBPL) and the co-editor of Inner Resources for Leaders (IRL).

Dr. Bekker is an ordained minister and has traveled in Africa, Europe, the East and North America to present at churches, ministries, seminars and academic conferences on the subject of Christian spirituality and leadership formation. He has been an invited speaker to universities, seminaries and Bible colleges in the U.S. and abroad.

He served in South Africa on the board of the South African Council for Theological Education, was nominated to the Standards Generating Body for Theology and Ministry of the South African Qualifications Authority, and served on the Consultative Forum of the South African Council of Churches. Dr. Bekker also serves as the director for the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) of Regent University and was the 2010 recipient of the Chancellor's Award. He resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia with his wife and son.

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