Annual Virtual Conference on Moral Leadership

Lust and Organizational Leadership

“The station of life may be different, the challenges may be different, but the goal is the same: the healing of the human soul and the restoration and fulfillment of the image of God in man.” – Rogers, F. G. (2002). Spiritual direction in the Orthodox Christian tradition. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 30(4), 276-289.

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Lust and Organizational Leadership

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Rex van Vuuren

Professor Rex van Vuuren is the academic dean of St. Augustine College of South Africa. Besides being on the management team of the college which oversees all the academic programs offered by the St. Augustine, he is also registered as both a clinical psychologist and a research psychologist. His interests are in the area of personality psychology, psychotherapy, and qualitative research methods. His academic interests are grounded in existential-phenomenological and hermeneutic approaches. With this background, he supervises master’s and doctoral candidates and, in light of his interests, teaches new topics at the interface between disciplines such as psychology and spirituality; psychology and family and gender ethics: and leadership and spirituality.