Annual Virtual Conference on Moral Leadership

Gluttony and Organizational Leadership

“This plays on a widespread view among the Desert Fathers-that the stomach is the gateway to the soul. Gluttony was numbered as the first of the deadly "thoughts," the one that helped bring down Adam. For this reason, admonitions to control one's stomach are commonplace in the literature of the desert. According to Poemen's interpretation, if the soul fails to be vigilant over the stomach, which is the gateway and outer precincts of the human person, then it leaves one vulnerable to attack at the core, the spirit.” – Harmless, W. (2000). Remembering Poemen remembering: The desert fathers and the spirituality of memory. Church History, 69(3), 483-518.

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Gluttony, from the Perspective of Missional Leadership

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The sin of gluttony is not only related to the excessive want of food, but it can also be more comprehensively understood as an obsession for material gain, a want of power and reputation, as well as a desire for fortune. Consequences resulting from gluttony can destroy families, disrupt organizations and societies leading to conflict with other countries, and eventually destroy the entire earth as its creations wither and die away. Recent trends of missional leadership go beyond dualistic disintegration and propose dynamic systems of integration. This mission of integration can be utilized to counter the problem of gluttonous leaders and is realized by acting in the following three specific aspects; the 3Rs – ‘Relocation,’ ‘Reconciliation,’ and ‘Redistribution’ of Christian mission.

Sung-Bae Chang

Dr. Sung-Bae Chang (born June 12, 1962) is a professor of mission and evangelism at the Methodist Theological University in Seoul. Recently, he is serving the university as dean of External Affairs and director of International Relations. He is leading two institutes: Methodist Institute of Missiological Studies and M-Center. Also, he is the representative of Korea Haggai Alumni Association. His expertise includes missions, evangelism, missional leadership, and church planting and growth. He has authored three books on mission and missional leadership, and has written numerous articles.

Dr. Sung-Bae Chang started his ministry in 1986 planting a church nearby Seoul. He also served the Korean army as a chaplain for three years. Since coming to the Methodist Theological University in 1998, he has served The Korea Methodist Church in a variety of ways, leading lectures and seminars, training missionary candidates, consulting churches for the renewal and growth, and leadership building for pastors and lay persons.

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