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Charles W. Dunn

Dean, Robertson School of Government
Ph.D. Political Science, Florida State University
M.S. Political Science, Florida State University
B.S. Social Sciences, Illinois State University

Charles W. Dunn

In August 2004, a unique perspective of American politics and religion and Capitol Hill arrived at Regent University in the person of Dr. Charles Dunn. Dunn's former political posts include serving as a special assistant to the Minority Whip of the United States House of Representatives, deputy director of the Republican Conference in the House, and chief of staff to a United States Senator from New York.

Dunn's experience is impressive, but his vision for the future of the Robertson School of Government and its potential impact on the world is what inspires him today. "Our faculty is well-connected to our nation's political hub. We have contacts and relationships that help our students obtain internships and job placement in the highest echelons of government and public service."

These contacts also bring a unique learning opportunity to Dunn's classroom. "I've met some of the most interesting and influential world leaders of our time, and I've been successful at inviting some of them to lecture to and interact with my students. It's a real privilege."

In 2006, Dunn spearheaded the highly acclaimed Ronald Reagan Symposium, a probing forum featuring a distinguished panel of experts in the field of politics and religion. Speakers at this annual event have included The Weekly Standard's William Kristol, US News & World Report's Michael Barone, American Enterprise Institute's Michael Novak, and WORLD Magazine's Marvin Olasky, among others.

A versatile author and scholar, Dunn has penned several books including The Seven Laws of Presidential Leadership (2007), The Future of Conservatism: Consensus and Conflict in the Post-Reagan Era (2007), The Conservative Tradition in America (co-authored by J. David Woodard) and The Scarlet Thread of Scandal: Morality and the American Presidency.

He is known as one of the foremost scholars in the field of American politics and religion. His passion to lead students to the highest levels of intellectual knowledge and integrity has been recognized by Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Both appointed Dunn to the United States J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board where he served as chairman for four terms.

For Dunn, the ultimate priority of the Robertson School of Government is to serve the Lord by preparing students to impact the world. Dunn's political connections also offer a big pay off to his students. "We have strategic alliances with key politically conservative organizations that need leaders. They seek our graduates because they know that Regent provides an exceptional academic foundation designed to enhance leadership traits."

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