As you learn more about the men and women who administer the affairs of the university, you will appreciate the breadth of experience and expertise assembled, as well as Regent’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Regent University credits God for our great accomplishments and for providing the necessary leadership, direction and resources to fulfill our unique mission — Christian Leadership to Change the World.

Louis Isakoff

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Leadership at Regent University

Louis Isakoff has been vice president and general counsel at Regent since 2003. As general counsel, Isakoff is responsible for all legal representation regarding university activities.

Isakoff, who has practiced law for more than 25 years, worked with The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) from 1984 to 1990. For five years, he served as associate counsel at CBN, advising the corporation on all phases of law ranging from not-for-profit law, employment, media and real estate to international matters.

After working at CBN, Isakoff served as a board member, senior vice president and general counsel for International Family Entertainment, which owns and operates The Family Channel (now the ABC Family Channel) and other entertainment subsidiaries. He advised the company on international business expansion; provided advice during transitional periods; and represented the company in mergers and acquisitions, general corporate law, labor law, international law, litigation and intellectual property rights.

Isakoff received his bachelor's degree from Miami University and his Juris Doctorate and Master's of Public Administration from Ohio State University.

He resides with his family in the Virginia Beach area.

Leadership in Legal Affairs:

  • Acts as chief legal officer of Regent University.

  • Provides legal counsel to each school and to the central administration.

  • Maintains primary responsibility for the development of legal and related administrati

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