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The Harald Bredesen Endowed Chair of Leadership Formation and Renewal

The Chair of Leadership Formation and Renewal

Since faculty is a university's richest resource, endowed chair positions are distinctions of excellence recognized and respected worldwide. Scholars who will hold these positions advance and enrich student learning and serve to attract other outstanding faculty. The funding of an endowed chair makes it possible for an institution to acquire and retain the world's most accomplished Christian scholars.

The Chair for the Distinguished Professor of Leadership Formation and Renewal supports Regent's commitment to prepare the next generation of Christ-centered, entrepreneurial leaders for productive lives and service. In addition, it provides a means for assisting the current generation of senior executives to move easily and productively into the capstone years of their personal, spiritual, and vocational callings. Through benchmark research into the challenges and needs of these respective groups, significant insights, and strategies are emerging to help each prepare for and be successful in the next phases of their work and service. This Chair helps set the pace for research, teaching, executive coaching, and service in the fields of global leadership formation and renewal.